The First Step in an Exciting Journey


Welcome to the weekly blog of ASPIRE Publications and founder, Gregory Kirk.  In conjunction with the release of Greg’s new book,Perfectly Flawed – How to Stop Suffering and Start Living,” we are also launching ASPIRE Publications, LLC, a new Independent Publishing company devoted to producing and promoting a variety of media designed to feed the soul and encourage the growth of humankind towards enlightenment.  Our mission is to educate and collaborate with earnest seekers of inner peace in order to inspire the sharing of light and to promote Truth without dogma, Love without condition, and Understanding without preconception.

Although initially, ASPIRE will focus mainly on promoting the new book and the various messages it shares, we plan to seek other like-minded authors, musicians, artists, philosophers, scientists, and spritualists in order to promote their materials as well.  Our goal is to start conversations – to learn together rather than preach – and to help people expand their horizons while expanding our own.  This sort of collective growth is how we believe evolution towards enlightenment is achieved.

We believe that Truth is Universal, and that dogmatic thinking is what stands in the way of a common understanding of the things we all desire most – Joy, Unconditional Love, and Peace (JULP).  ASPIRE Publications is committed to promoting an open-minded exploration of the human experience, seeking Truth in the Arts, Sciences, Philosophy, Intuition,
Religion, and Enlightenment (ASPIRE)

In order to reach the maximum number of fellow journeyers and build a growing community of people helping each other expand, we are counting on the power of connection made possible by the Internet.  That means we need all of you to participate!  We humbly ask that you help us by spreading the word.  Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, pin us on Pinterest, network with us on LinkedIn, +1 us on Google, subscribe to this blog and our YouTube channel, and most importantly, participate!  To evolve together, we need your insights and inspirations every bit as much as you may need ours.  So add your comments to this blog, comment on the various status updates and messages we will be promoting across the social networks, and invite your friends to do the same.  Over the next few weeks, we will begin publishing a weekly inspirational message here on this blog, and sharing messages of joy, love, and peace on all of our sites.  Be sure to subscribe, and thanks for joining us on this exciting journey.