Lack mentality

One of the most common sources of stress in our culture is financial worry.  Towards the end of each month, we find ourselves worried about paying our bills.  When we receive our paycheck, we worry that we won’t have enough to make ends meet.  When an unexpected expense crops up, we worry about how it will fit into our budget.  Additionally, many of us find ourselves living with a feeling that we should be doing more – that if only we had greater resources, we could be accomplishing more of our dreams or helping more people.

For those of us who have begun our journey into the Law of Attraction, conscious manifestation, or abundant attitudes, these worries present another unique form of stress.  We can know (intellectually speaking) that the Universe is abundant, and we can believe that we are capable of manifesting all that we need and/or desire, but when the end of the month comes, our paycheck posts, or those unexpected expenses crop up, we often find ourselves right back in the same boat emotionally!  Furthermore, for those of us who have not conjured up the winning lottery ticket or the big win at the poker table, we often still feel that we’re not doing enough – that we’re missing something or that we are holding ourselves back because we still have something to learn.

So why is it so difficult to let go of the importance we seem to place on little slips of paper, discs of metal, and strips of plastic?  Why do we seem so unable to manifest financial security at will?  How come our lives don’t already look like the lives of the people held up as examples in movies like “The Secret” and other success and self-help films?  Do we need to read more books?  Pray more?  What are we doing wrong!?!

Do any of these questions sound vaguely familiar to you?  If so, then the answer to them lies in the emotions you’re feeling which generate these thoughts.  The underlying belief which drives these feelings of lack and the stress with which so many of us struggle is the belief in an “IF-THEN” formula.  It starts with the belief that “IF I don’t make X dollars on my paycheck, THEN I won’t be able to pay my bills” or something like that.  This seems like a perfectly logical argument, but rules out a wide array of means by which the Universe may be able to provide for our needs including an unexpected windfall, an unforseen bonus, a creditor willing to negotiate new payment terms, and so forth.  By believing that there is only one way in which our basic needs can be met only puts blinders on us and limits our ability to receive what the Universe may have in store for us.  Furthermore, the stressful feelings we generate keep us locked in a cycle of believing in lack, a condition which only serves to keep us in lack.

“Yes, Greg, but I already get that concept, so why does this keep happening?”

Again, the answer lies in an IF-THEN” formula.  “IF I can learn to let go of my belief in lack, THEN I’ll be able to manifest anything I want to!”  Look at the conditions we restrain ourselves and the Universe with: I can only manifest things once I’m doing this ONE thing.  A simple rephrasing reveals the flaw in this thinking: “IF I could just learn to let go of needing this money to come into my life, THEN I’ll get the money!”  Where is the importance placed in this statement?  On the MONEY!  Again, we limit ourselves and the Universe to a paradigm in which IF we don’t make X dollars THEN we won’t have our needs met.  For those of us learning about abundance and the Law of Attraction, our frustration is compounded by our belief that the Universe is abundant and generous, and therefore we must be doing something wrong if we’re not receiving abundance and generosity.  We feel, simply, that we are living in lack and that it’s our own fault.

There are two Universal Truths – taught in every philosophic and spiritual tradition – which allow us to be set free instantly from the conditional stress of these financial worries.  The first is Gratitude.  To be grateful for what actually is, not what we think needs to be.  Look around your life and find the little things which make you thankful – maybe they’re friends, family, or loved ones, or perhaps they’re the roof over your head or the job that you do have, or maybe it’s as simple as the fact that you’re alive and breathing.  And how often do we forget to be grateful for the “little things” like the sun on our face, the kind smile from the cashier at the grocery store, or the spring shower which waters our garden for us?  Practicing conscious gratitude helps us to shift our attitude from one of lack to one of abundance, and helps us with the second Universal Truth – Trust.

Trust (or Faith, as some call it) is the true act of letting it go or giving it over to God.  But true Trust isn’t conditional, it is honest and selfless.  If we are “trusting” in God to make us a certain amount of money, we are making that trust conditional upon the IF-THEN formula that the money matters!  Instead, we Trust that God never forsakes us and that, no matter what happens, our higher power is always mindful of what is best for us in the big picture.  In this attitude of Gratitude and Trust, we can face any challenge without fear and without limiting IF-THEN conditions.

The kicker to all of this is that, when we’re practicing Gratitude and Trust, there is no THEN to the formula.  I know that many of you have heard these principles before – after all, they’ve been taught for countless millenia!  But the catch-22 is that we still have a proclivity to practice them with an expectation of a specific outcome.  When we truly Trust, we are trusting that we are exactly where we need to be NOW and that this is ALWAYS true.  And that’s it!  Trust has nothing to do with how things are going to turn out tomorrow, next week, or next year!  It’s all about the NOW.  And when we are practicing Gratitude, we are grateful for what is NOW and that is all that matters regardless of any specific outcome in our limited expectations.

Does that mean we just give up, quit our jobs, and leave everything to chance?  Of course not!  We are here to do the best that we can do.  When our bills loom, we do our best to pay them – NOT because the future outcome means anything, but because that’s what we’re here to do.  We work hard, we look for areas in which the Universe may be trying to bless us that we’ve been ignoring, we follow our intuitions and our promptings, and we listen to our Source and our Guides.  But we do all of these things NOW instead of doing them for the future.  We do them because that’s all we can do.  Put another way, we simply do the work we know we’re supposed to be doing without knowing (or needing to know) the outcome.  In the meantime, we are Grateful that we can do these things – that we are still here – and we Trust that, no matter the outcome, we don’t have to face anything alone and whatever we face is in our best interest.  Period.  Letting go of the need for money is not a way to manifest money, it’s a way to open ourselves to the joy, peace, and love that the Universe is showering us with every day.  The money may come or it may not, but from a place of spiritual Truth, it couldn’t matter less!